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How to take better snaps of your food to become the envy of your Instagram friends Posted On 31 August 2022

Did you even go to that chique restaurant if you didn’t plaster pictures across the internet?


Sitting down for a fine meal with a friend, family member or that special someone is always a charming way to spend an evening.

However, today, where the internet is king and posting daily, or sometimes hourly, updates of your whereabouts is as important as brushing your teeth, many of us have developed a certain habit before we can enjoy our food.

After settling down in the quaint booth, browsing the menu and selecting whichever delicious meal takes your fancy, the waiter brings over your food, but before you can take the first bite, you suddenly get the itch to take a quick picture of your shakshuka to share with your hundreds of followers online.

Make sure your pictures are up to scratch though with the pieces of art which regularly adorn our timelines and Instagram walls.

So, get your oat milk caramel latte and lightly spiced avocado on toast ordered and read on for our key tips to take the best pictures of your meal.

Create an interesting background


Brighten up the background of your picture by including natural objects.

It can be tempting to clear things away from the table before taking your picture, however this will instead have a negative effect and will make the final image look unnatural and displeasing for the audience.

Instead build up some natural layers with irrelevant objects, such as menus or centrepieces, in the background to add some depth to your snap.


Keep the light in mind


Make sure you think about what light sources there are around you before taking the picture.

This can take some practice as either too much or too little light can leave the image completely unusable.

Look around, see if there are any low hanging lights or windows nearby, then use the brightness and exposure sliders on your respective phone to play around with the pictures before and after taking them.

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