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Create additional storage in your garden to clean the space up Posted On 28 June 2022

It is incredible how different your outdoor space can look when cleared up a little bit


With the summer season in full swing many of us will be spending more and more time in the garden.

Whether inviting family and friends round for a barbecue or just sitting back and relaxing in your own private green space, we are all using our gardens a little bit more this year.

Many will start to think about how they can make their garden look better.

While extending the patio area, building a garden room or planting a plethora of stunning flowers can transform your outdoor space, there is a very easy thing you can do to breathe new life into your garden.

Decluttering is an age old trick to freshen up the rooms around your home and doing this in the garden is a very similar process.

Moving sculptures and ornaments, throwing away broken or old flower pots and selling off old bits of garden furniture are all fantastic ways of clearing a bit of extra room.

When organising your garden, you may realise that aside from a garage or a shed, or sometimes both, there are few places to actually store garden furniture and accessories when you are not using them.

Here are a couple of solutions to create extra storage space in your garden.


Make the most of hidden spaces - but keep it organised


Most gardens come with nooks and crannies which can act as ideal storage spaces.

Gaps to the side or behind a shed, or a narrow gap up the side of the home are just a couple of examples of narrow spaces you may not use in your garden.

These gaps can be ideal for storing furniture, spare tiles or anything else that can withstand the changing British weather conditions.

Make sure you keep these spaces organised however, as it can be very easy to just throw anything in there.


Move the bikes out of the shed


Bicycles can be an awkward shape to fit in the shed and tend to take up a lot of space.


Instead, consider investing in a separate bike shed, which can be naturally looking and blend in with the natural look of your garden. 

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